Beer Review #2 – Affligem Tripel

by Daniel on February 17, 2012

Affligem Tripel - best beer I've found for just $7

This Belgian Tripel from Affligem Brewery in Opwijk Belgium is really a great authentic Belgian Abbey Ale for the money.  They were founded in 1074 according to their website.  If that’s not hardcore, I don’t know what is.  It is a solid 9% ABV.  For how expensive beer is here in NY ($5.99 for a six-pack for pick-your-poison American light lager), this beer is a gold mine for someone wanting more than that and at a crazy-good price ($6.99).

Category (max score) – Rating:  Based on the 50 point scale

Aroma (10): Fruitful & estery aroma is very appealing, and appropriate for the style, with a hint of banana – 8

Appearance (6) – Light golden color, good clarity, big blond.  Nice lacing forms a ring around the edges – 6

Flavor (19) – Starts with notes of banana and apricot, sweet but balanced well with a bit of hops and sourness in just the right places.  An even and smooth finish.  Good Carbonation, aftertaste lingers and beckons you to take another sip and to want to savor it slowly! – 18

Body (5) – A good feel in the mouth, medium body that is very pleasant – 5

Drinkability & Overall Impression (10) – 9

Total: 46/50 – A fantastically tasty tripel, unbeatable for the price that I found it at $6.99 for 750ml at a local Wegmans.  Best served in a chalice!

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50K February 24, 2012 at 10:38 pm

Nice! Will add this one to the must try list!


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