Fairport Brewing Company Open for Business

by Daniel on October 17, 2012

October 16th marked the celebration of Fairport Brewing Company receiving their liquor license.  I stopped by and got a taste of their beers and ended up sticking around for quite a while to enjoy great company and watch them brew a batch.  Fairport Brewing is located at 1000 Turk Hill Rd (#298 of Turk Hill Park), Fairport, NY 14450, on the second floor of a building that’s been divided up into a number of businesses.  It may be a little bit off the beaten path, but it’s worth the visit.  So let me introduce you to the brewery and their current beers!

Fairport has a half barrel brewing system, which allows them a lot of flexibility to brew many different kinds of beers and experiment.  When I visited they were serving nine different beers on tap, of all different styles.  Even though they’ve just obtained their license, they’ve been brewing beer and preparing for quite some time, so you can expect many more beers to be coming out in the very near future.  I myself was quite excited to see a fermenter labeled “Belgian Quad, 1.100 OG” that I was told by Tim, one of the co-founders, may be ready in just a few weeks.

Fairport’s Half Barrel System

When I showed up, the beers they had on tap were:

  1. Lift Bridge Lager 3.9% ABV, 18 IBUs
  2. Nectarine of the Gods (Pale Ale) 4.3% ABV, 19 IBUs
  3. Scotch Lager 7.1% 17 IBUs
  4. Black Lager 4.9% 29 IBUs
  5. Olde Ezra ESB 6.8% ABV, 42 IBU
  6. Raiders IPA 7.0% 56 IBUs
  7. Brothers Belgian 7% 23 IBUs
  8. Apollo 8 (Imperial IPA) 9.1% 113 IBUs
  9. Gutterwalker Stout (Irish Stout) 5.7% 51 IBUs

Of particular note in my opinion were the Black Lager, ESB, Brothers Belgian, Apollo 8, and Gutterwalker Stout.  As I want to keep this review short, I’ll just make quick summaries of these and leave the rest for you to decide and enjoy.  I’m haven’t been much of a fan of most of the black lager’s I’ve tried, but this one was nice and smooth, without the harshness that many seem to have.  The ESB was very well balanced, not too bitter, nice malt character.  The Brothers Belgian was very nice, fruity with a warm finish.  The Apollo 8 was one of my overall favorites, lots of hops complexity, well balanced with the high alcohol and malty sweetness.  The Gutterwalker Stout had a rich chocolate malt flavor and a nice deep roasted finish.  The other four beers were all fine, though it seemed something may have gone slightly awry with the Nectarine of the Gods as it had a little sour/tartness like a wild yeast kind of character to it that I didn’t expect from the description of the beer.

Overall, Fairport Brewing is going to be one to watch in the upcoming year, and definitely one I will return to in order to check out what other new beers they are going to be releasing.  Their growler fills are also very reasonable in price!

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