Going all grain – Mash tun & keezer builds

by Daniel on April 5, 2012

I’ve recently purchased the equipment to put together both a mash tun and a “keezer” (chest freezer turned kegerator).  I scoured Craigslist, kitchen supply shops, and hardware stores in search of the components & parts I wanted.  If you want to learn how to build your own mash tun inexpensively, check out my two-part DIY project here: Mash tun parts shopping list.  Mash tun assembly.

I also have recently built a temperature controller for the chest freezer I bought on Craigslist (7.2 cu.ft capacity – enough for 3 corny kegs) so that I can have it run at refrigeration temps and I can start kegging my beers!  The temperature controller build cost me about half of what it would buying one ready made from a store or online, at a final cost of $40.  If you’re interested in building a temperature controller for a keezer or for a fermentation chamber, this project is easy and fun, and I’ve worked out all the details just for you!

Also, now that I finished my mash tun & keezer, I used them in brewing my first all grain batch!  If you want to learn about “cold crashing” your beer, you’re in luck, because I will be posting a concise discussion on this soon.  As with every brew I do, I’ll be learning some things along the way, and I will share the copious notes I take with you so I can help you make your transition to all grain easy!

Happy brewing!  Check out all of my easy DIY projects here.

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