Roc Brewing Co. – Dark Mild Ale

by Daniel on March 4, 2012

Roc Brewing Dark Mild

Roc Brewing Dark Mild

My recent discovery of Roc Brewing Co. here in Rochester has set my soul at peace.  Their beers are great, the people friendly, and it’s just the kind of place I was looking for to give me some vision for how I might go about opening my own place some day.  These guys do it all right–from the beers to the ambiance, special events, and sometimes live music!

So far I have tried six of their beers, and all have been very good.  They are the Golden Pale Ale, Cullinan’s Irish Red, Dark Mild, Kyoto Protocol IPA, Oatmeal Stout, and Belgian Blond.  Each is quite unique.  When Roc Brewing Co. puts out a beer, you can bet on two things: 1.) It’s going to be good. 2.) It most likely will have some aspect that surprises you and beckons you back for more.  I’ll start with my personal favorite, the Dark Mild.  Reviews of the others will come later this week.

The Dark Mild pours a deep mahogany and has just a slight head.  It smells of sweet roasted malt and a hint of coffee.  There’s a lot of complexity to the flavor thanks to a variety of malts and great body.  Behind the rich malts and smokiness, you will enjoy notes of chocolate, coffee, and caramel.  The sweetness of the malts is balanced well with the mild bitterness from the burnt/roasted grain and the dryness of the coffee flavor.  There’s even a hint of nuts on the even finish.  It was hard for me to refrain from taking another sip long enough to examine the aftertaste, which lingers smooth and pleasantly not bitter.  Before Jon the brewer told me that this was a “mere” 4% ABV which is very appropriate for the style, I would have guessed it to be closer to 5% at least.  I have to agree with what Jon told me first about this beer when he served it up: “small beer, big ego.”

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