RocCity Brewfest, February 18th, Rochester NY!

by Daniel on January 31, 2012

Below is my post prior to the event.  See my review of the RocCity Brewfest here.

I am excited about attending the upcoming RocCity Brewfest here in Rochester NY on February 18th. It will be my first experience tasting beers to include in a review (I won’t call them “official reviews” yet) here on the blog.  Most importantly, I am looking forward to speaking with some of the brewers & representatives that are sharing their beers with us at the event (from all over New York state “and the country”) and sharing their insights and advice with you!

This is only their 2nd year doing the RocCity Brewfest, so I am excited to not only review the beers, but also the festival.  It’s going to be a serious review post, because it will be my first time also using the 33 Bottles of Beer tasting journal to review beers.  I don’t know if 3 hours is going to be enough time for me to do everything I want to!

Some of the local NY breweries I’m really looking forward to trying, and hoping that some of the brewer’s representatives will be there to talk with about their beers:

  • CB’s Brewing Company will be serving: Caged Alpha Monkey, Canandaigua Lake Ale, Dark Dark Cream Porter, Macbubba Scotch Ale
  • Empire Brewing Co.: Amber, IPA
  • Lake Placid: IPA & Winter Lager
  • Middle Ages Brewing Co.: Raspberry Ale
  • Wagner Valley Brewing Co.: Valley Sled Dog

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