Rohrbach Brewing Company Beer Reviews

by Daniel on March 24, 2012

Photo by Gerry Szymanski

I recently went into Rohrbach Brewing Company’s Railroad St. brewery to check the place out and try some of their beers. One of the first beers I had in Rochester was their Imperial Scotch Ale when I was at Dinosaur BBQ, and I’ve been a fan ever since.  Visiting their brewery is definitely a worthwhile stop in town, as they have a beautiful tasting room and give a great tour of their facility.

I stopped in during their 20th Anniversary celebration and tried the six beers they were serving and made notes in my 33 Bottles of Beer log book.  I’ll share 3 reviews now, and 3 more in an upcoming post.

Red Jacket Rye – Amber color with a sweet malty aroma.  Pleasing rye flavor cuts through overtones of dark fruit & bitterness.  Hoppy bitterness lingers on the finish.  3/5 for me – a solid beer, but a little heavy on the bitterness.

Gregory St. Lager – Pours copper color, and has a fruity aroma backed by malt.  Moderate fruit & ester flavors with a touch of roasted malt.  Mild bitterness balances, with a hint of caramel in the middle.  Light linger of fruit that clears on the finish.  Different in a very good way from a typical American lager.  I’m definitely going to seek this one out again.  4.5/5

Imperial Scotch Ale – Ahhh, this one is familiar, being one of my favorites.  Pours a deep copper, good head.  Malty aroma mixed with fruit.  Flavor is fruity with a hint of butterscotch and vanilla, good body.  A tingle on the tongue from the alcohol & fruit, finishes smooth & fruity.  Somehow I get a hint of a Canadian bacon type of flavor with this beer.  I could drink this beer every day!  4.5/5

The photo is thanks to Gerry Szymanski – Cyanotype Photography

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