Beer Review #1 – Smuttynose Maibock

by Daniel on February 1, 2012

Part of the Smuttynose BIG BEER Series, 2009

Being that this is my first attempt at a beer review I know that my skills & knowledge are limited, but I am doing this for the purpose of learning as much as I am to share my experience of this beer.  As I explained in my about section, I understand that I don’t know everything there is to know about brewing, tasting, or anything–but that’s the point.  I appreciate/welcome any feedback from those reading this review as to what they think, and if there is something I might potentially change to improve these reviews as I continue.  Here goes (thanks to Charlie Papazian’s Complete Joy of Home Brewing for the introduction to judging):

This Maibock from Smuttynose Brewing Co. in Portsmouth, NH is a pleasant respite  in the winter months.  My particular vintage is their 2009 (I believe, being that the verbiage on the label says “Bottle-conditioned in: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012″), making it 8.4% ABV.

Category (max score) – Rating:  Based on the 50 point scale

Aroma (10): Just a hint of flowery hops, with a malty sweetness that is more prominent – 7

Appearance (6) – Amber color, golden with a hint of brown.  Good clarity.  Head starts well but diminishes.  Little lacing – 5

Flavor (19) – Starts with notes of caramel, sweet, & ester.  A swoop of butterscotch in the middle, followed by a balanced hoppy finish.  Good Carbonation, aftertaste lingers a bit bitter – 15

Body (5) – A good feel and “weight” in the mouth, at least to me! – 5

Drinkability & Overall Impression – 7.5

Total: 39.5/50 – A solid example of the style that does not disappoint. Definitely worth going back for a second from the local store!

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